Catholic Faith Communities of Verndale,

Blue Grass & Menahga


Our Parish Nurse/Health Council is celebrating 10 years of service to our parish and surrounding community in 2019!  Congratulations and thank you to all who serve our parish in this ministry!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:    People are needed to make Home Visits.  These visits would consists of spending time with the people who can not get out and visit with others.  You would not have to bring Communion.  Please call Lela Platt at 218-234-8966 for details and/or volunteer for this important ministry.
Monthly Rosary at Serenity Living, Sebeka, first Wednesday of each month, 1:30p.m.  All are welcome!
Grief Group:  Meets on the first Wednesday of each month, May through November following the 9:00am Mass in the church basement at St. Hubert, Bluegrass.  All are welcome.

St. Hubert’s Blood Pressure Checks are offered following Mass on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Please find your own replacement if the schedule below does not work for you and the alternate is not available. Thank You!


May    	Caren Winkels		Lela Platt			Jan Kern

June   	Jan Kern			Mary Houle			Sara Erickson

July    	Sara Erickson	         Julie Stevens		 Teri Kern

Aug              Teri Kern			Laura Haman			 Lela Platt

Sept.             Lela Platt			Caren Winkels 		Mary Houle

Oct. 	           Mary Houle			Jan Kern			Julie Stevens

Nov.              Julie Stevens	         Sara Erickson	          Laura Haman

Dec.		Laura Haman			Teri Kern			Jan Kern

Jan. 		Jan Kern			Mary Houle			Sara Erickson

Feb. 		Sara Erickson		Julie Stevens		Teri Kern

March 	 Teri Kern			Laura Haman			Mary Houle

April 		Mary Houle			Jan Kern			Caren Winkels

May 		Caren Winkels		Lela Platt			Jan Kern

Mission of the Parish Nurse 
of The Church of St. Hubert
      Support and strengthen the Catholic health ministry 
	in the parish
Strengthen our ability to understand, articulate, and act on Catholic identity                  
Role of the Parish Nurse
     Unite as ministry engaged to advance selected 
	ministry commitments that are best pursued together 	rather than as individual organizations.
Exercise leadership in ethics for health care and broader societal issues.
Our Commitment to Our Parish
Advocate for justice in health care and transform health ministry. 
Mobilize to secure access for all to just, compassionate, and quality health services.

When you or a loved one is hospitalized, your name may or
may not be listed in the hospital records for visitation. Also due
to Data Privacy, the hospital will not notify the parish if you
transfer to a nursing home or other care facility. Nursing
homes and care facilities also do not notify the parish. To
assure that a priest or parish nurse can visit you during your
stay, please notify the parish office or parish nurse at your
earliest convenience. 
To arrange for visits call Lela Platt at 218-234-8966
Or Shirley at the office 218-445-5204


Parish Nurse Coordinator

Lela Platt

St. Hubert, Bluegrass