Catholic Faith Communities of Verndale,

Blue Grass & Menahga

Faith Formation Information


                                St. Frederick                  Carmen Pederson                218.371.7167

St. Hubert                        Shirley Malone                    218.837.5910

Assumption of Our Lady    Parish Office                   218.445.5204



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St. Frederick, Verndale


Coordinator: Carmen Pederson, 218.371.7167


Grades 1-6 meet each Wednesday, 3:30pm– 4:45pm

Catechists   Grade 1 & 2  

                     Grade 3 & 4   Carmen Pederson

                     Grade 5 & 6   Charlene Orlando


Grades 7-8 meet on the first Wednesday of each month with home lessons for the other weeks.

Catechists:  Wade & Kim Kern


Grade 9 meets every Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm

Carmen Pederson


Confirmation—Grades 10 & 11 meet at St. Hubert, Bluegrass each Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm

Catechists:  Grade 10    Vera Malone, Gene Kern  

                                       Roy Rudderforth

                     Grade 11   Jeff Yungbauer

St. Hubert, Bluegrass

Coordinator: Shirley Malone, 218.837.5910

Grades 1-9 meet each Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm

Catechists   Grade1  Nicole Braith

                     Grade 2  Jake and Maria Uselman

                     Grade 3   Lorraine Lajeunesse

                     Grade 4   Lorraine Lajuenesse

                     Grade 5   Katie Smith

                     Grade 6   Rod Schwartz

                     Grade 7   Pat Tuorila

                     Grade 8 & 9  Shirley Malone

Confirmation Grades 10 will meet each Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm     Catechists:  Vera Malone, Gene Kern                                                 

                                       Roy Rudderforth



Wednesdays at  6:30pm—8:00pm

St. Hubert Church Basement

“A Biblical Walk Through the Mass”

Led by Jeff Yungbauer




Assumption of Our Lady, Menahga

Grades 1-6 presently have home school lessons, there are no on site classes.  If you are interested in getting on site classes started and can help to do so, please call the parish office or talk with Fr. Lauren. 

All students are invited to attend classes at St. Hubert in Bluegrass. Call Shirley Malone to register: 218-837-5910.

Confirmation Grades 10 & 11 attend in Bluegrass each Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm.

Catechists:  Vera Malone, Gene Kern,                                          Roy Rudderforth, Jeff Yungbauer.


First Holy Communion:

St. Frederick: Saturday, May, 2, 2020, 4:30pm

St. Hubert: Sunday, May 3, 2020, 8:30am