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January-February 2018

Liturgical Minister Schedule

St. Hubert

Date      Servers               Lector                    Extraordinary Ministers

9/2     Eva & Henry                 Jack K.                                 Gene, Vera, Pat

9/9     Brandon & Caleb          Vera                                Lela, Alan, Shirley

9/16   Avory & Hayden            Pat                                  Mark, Jake, Maria

 9/23 Emma & Coleen              Lela                                      Larry, Tom, Katie

 9/30 Mattea & Sammi             Lorraine                               Gene, Lois, Pat

10/7   Michael& Caleb              Jack                                      Mark, Jake, Maria

10/14  Bailey & Hayden            Gene                                 Larry, Tom, Katie

10/21  Coleen & Emma            Lois                                    Alan, Shirley, Vera

10/28  Sammi & Mattea          Lela                                     Gene, Lela, Pat


  September  Ushers:  Dean Haman, Chuck Winkels, Keith Schmidt, alt.

  October Ushers:  Jeff Yungbauer, Mark Houle, Dean Malone, alt.

Assumption of Our Lady

Date      Servers        Lector      Extraordinary Ministers            Ushers                         Greeters

9/2       Stacie                   Jean W.             Marlene M. & Bill                              Gary & Jean                            Bill & Chris

9/9        Haley                   Roy R.               Joanne & Joann                                Izzy & Marlene                        Sarah & Sue

9/16    Butch & Stacie      Carol Ann           Deb & Carol Ann                              Roy & Bill                                Marlene & Stacie

9/23     Stacie                     Deb M.                  Bill & Marlene M.                            The Trout Family                   Sis & Vonnie

9/30     Haley                    Roy R.                Joanne & Joann                                Mike & Mary Jo B.                 Bill & Chris

10/7     Butch & Stacie      Carol Ann          Carol Ann & Deb                                Roy & Al                               Sue & Sarah

10/14   Stacie                    Jean                 Bill & Marlene M.                                Izzy & Marlene                      Marlene S. & Stacie

10/21  Haley                     Deb M.               Joann & Joanne                               The Trout Family                    Sis & Vonnie

10/28  Butch & Stacie        Roy                    Joanne S. & Deb M.                         Mike & Mary Jo B.                 Sue & Sarah

St. Frederick

Date      Servers                     Lector                       Extraordinary Ministers

9/1         Volunteers                     Mary Beth D.                   Beth, Monica, Steve

9/8            Volunteers                  Kelly Y.                              Volunteer, Mary, Gary

9/15          Volunteers                     Beth C.                            Volunteer, Steve, Gary

9/22          Volunteers                   Mary Beth D.                     Beth, Monica, Steve

9/29          Volunteers                     Kelly Y,                            Mary, Volunteer, Gary

10/6          Volunteers                    Beth C.                            Steve, Gary, Volunteer

10/13       Volunteers                     Mary Beth D.                      Mary, Beth, Volunteer

10/20     Volunteers                   Kelly Y.                            Gary, Volunteer, Monica

10/27     Volunteers                   Beth C.                             Mary, Monica, Gary

September Ushers:     Greg Moenkedick  Dan Colby

October  Ushers:         Tom Ludovissie   Keith Radniecki

If you can not make your scheduled days, please call and make arrangements for someone to take your place.  Thank you!