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Catholic Faith Communities of Verndale,

Blue Grass & Menahga

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                             Clergy                                                Parish Office                                                     Website
                         Father Lauren Germann                   Mailing Address          Shipping Address                 vbmcatholic.org
                             218.445.5786    Rectory phone                 PO Box C                            20 North Brown St.
                              320.333.1363      Cell	                         Verndale, MN 56481             Verndale, MN  56481
                  Parish Office Phone                              Parish Office Email                   Catholic Church Mass Times
                     218.445.5204   Office                               vbmcatholic@wcta.net                Useful link when traveling in the U.S.
                     218.445.5280  Fax

                             Secretary                                                                         Bookkeeper
	                      Shirley Malone                                                                                       Connie DeVault
	Office Hours: Monday   8:00a.m.-2:00p.m                                                       Office Hours     Monday 9am—Noon
                                Tuesday   9:00a.m.-1:00p.m.                                                      Email: vbmcatholicbook@wcta.net 
                                Thursday  9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.
                      Bulletin Information                                                         Faith Formation             
	Contact Shirley Malone                                                                                 St. Frederick:  Carmen Pederson    218-371-7167
            sthubert1771@hotmail.com or 218-445-5204                                            St. Hubert:   Shirley Malone         218-837-5910
	Bulletin Deadline: Tuesday at 11:00am                                                Assumption of Our Lady:   Parish Office          218-445-5204
Watch the bulletin for any early deadlines throughout the year.

                                          Parish Trustees

            St. Hubert                                 St. Frederick                                 Assumption of Our Lady

Gene Kern           Lois Schoon        Mary Ludovissie    Francis (Al) Dolezal      Marcia Cole    Brian Trout